Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hmm. The more I try to focus on work the more Finagle's gnomes try to make sure I don't. This morning it was a burst pipe. I COULD have made it my landlord's problem but he was in Hobart, and I am an ex-fish farmer. Of course they have 'improved' plumbing since then (which means it doesn't work as well) Anyway, in my expeditions to turn off the mains (at the far side of the cow-filled paddock) I found where the large (as thick as my wrist) copperhead is living. He's under a concrete slab, which makes getting to him... interesting. Any ideas on how to get him out of there, alive or dead (I want him far from my dogs and cats) much appreciated.


  1. Lots of cold water from a hose pipe? always assuming of course that you've fixed the burst pipe that is, and that there aren't some electrical wires under the slab that may be a little bare.

  2. Is there a snake catcher on the Island? Snakes are protected, you can't kill them or if you do, don't tell anyone. I kind of shake my head as I'm from North Qld and grew up with the old *the only good snake is a dead one or a python* so always have to fight my natural inclination to shriek and kill.

  3. Tiger snakes are a protected species in Tasmania, and injuring or killing one can lead to fines if officialdom finds out. The flip side of this is, that as a protected species, there should be someone legally authorised to actually remove the snake from potential human interaction, so you don't have to.

    However given what you say about the available food supply it is likely that another one will move back in soon afterwards, so make sure you secure any possible den sites. That one sounds quite cosy if I were more ophidian than I already am.