Friday, May 8, 2015

Rain was chucking it down...

It's raining. Some of it actually reaching the ground, but most of it is simply moving horizontally across the the island. Some of it hits trees or the occasional window and gets its trip to New Zealand interrupted. We need the rain, we've had a green drought the last while. I need it too as my hard drive decided it hated me (quite understandable, trust me)and went off to join a blue screen of death. So we rebuild... most of the essentials are backed up, but it takes time, knowledge and intellectual capacity, which are kinda all hard to come by in these promiscuous parts (it's Kipling. I thought it was funny :-)). I got a sheep in to deal with Windows. Unfortunately it baulked when it came to re-installing the rest. I couldn't find a donkey, so I've had to do it myself, which is rather like fixing a nuclear reactor by 'what happens if I pull this lever?'. So it's a good thing it's raining and blowing and even seagulls are squatting in the fields looking morose, because the excuse to do anything else, including putting manure into my garden is very attractive. Fishing or diving are not going to be possible for a while, with huge seas running. So, I keep telling myself, it is a good thing, although the cats have threatened real consequences if I don't improve the weather soon.

Well, the one good thing I can see is that there are mushrooms popping up on my 'lawn'. They're a bit close to the trees for my liking but I will find time(somewhere) to go and prowl the fields (where the grass fortunately pretty short) hunting them. Always look on the bright side of life (although with mushrooms it could be 'always look on the bright side of death'). And a full freezer and lots of dried produce are a big plus too.