Monday, November 10, 2014

More dive pictures...

As the dive compressor is on the way from Three Rivers, Mi. (and is now stuck on its adventurous tour of the US in Louisville. There must be a lot for a hooka to see and do in Louisville because it seems to be staying there... I managed to snip some more dive pictures from Manny's videos. clicking on the pictures makes them full size.

A rare encounter - a crayfish in a relatively open place.

A boarfish decided to inspect the diver.


It does not want to fit...

and the fish find this fascinating

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diving pics

A reader/friend was talking about diving on Facebook, and it occurred to me I still have copies of Manny's go-pro dive pics. Not sure if I can post the video, but I will post some of the stills here. Sadly the stills are not as color-vivid as they should be. It was pretty average diving conditions - I have been into much better.

dive boat off Whitemark

diver rising

diving into the kelp

magpie perch


what we were looking for.