Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diving pics

A reader/friend was talking about diving on Facebook, and it occurred to me I still have copies of Manny's go-pro dive pics. Not sure if I can post the video, but I will post some of the stills here. Sadly the stills are not as color-vivid as they should be. It was pretty average diving conditions - I have been into much better.

dive boat off Whitemark

diver rising

diving into the kelp

magpie perch


what we were looking for.


  1. Amazing pictures! So glad you shared.

    1. They're good pictures - but not a patch on the real the real thing. And even that is just so much more than the visual. I wish I was a better writer so I could adequately describe the taste, sound even smell of it all, let alone what some of the sights... and things you can't quite see, do to your nerves and mind and emotions. The blue distances underwater always fill me with a strange mixture of fear and delight. The deep cracks literally give me nervous sweats... I still go into them.