Monday, August 24, 2009

new names old things

This flu has got me by the chest. One of the things we're going to have to learn are a whole bunch of new trade names for old remedies. What a good mucolytic is. What a good expectorant/bronchiodilator is. And I suspect we'll have to leave out first-aid kits behind - certainly for the flight over. I like to have those on hand for climbing particularly. Does Australia run to Friar's Balsam - that pongiffereous sticky brown goo and aid to jamming and reducing skin loss? The cliffs (some seacliffs) on Flinders appear to be ryolitc (sp?) granite. not sure how jammy that'll be - Tas has some great fluted dolerite columns - especially off the central plataeux and the sea-cliffs down South East. That's going to be fun part. Opening new routes... and remembering not to pronounce route in the South African way.... 'root'. :-)


  1. (1) "Root" is also a perfectly acceptable method of saying route in much of Australia. Although low-minded people might giggle. [At least it is not as bad as American's confusing "bonk" and "boink," which swap their meanings as you cross the Pacific.]

    (2) Yep. Some really nice fluted dolerite columns in SE Tasmania. Although I don't tink you're allowed to climb the most prominet of these (the Organ Pipes on Mt Wellington) -- shoppers in Hobart tend to worry. [PS: I'm definitely not a climber so can't suggest any good climbs.]

    (3) I do believe Friar's Balsam is available. Not that I've gone searching for any. Ever. Although I believe that we tend to use Eucylptus oil instead (at least as a steam-based inhalant). And as an anti-inflammatory topicant.


  2. Must remember to type slower. I'm missing letters. Just add appropriately to flavour.

    It looks like it's going to be one of those days for me today (speaking of senility [or at least pain] mugging you). <grin>

  3. FB is available in NZ so probably over there too?
    Sorry to hear you aren't well ... hope it clears up soon! :o(

  4. people us FB as an inhalant here too, but we paint it on the backs of our hands to add extra layers to lose before you lose skin.

    I've made contact with a few climbers there. goreous sea stacks!