Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The post plane didn't make it over today - torrential rain, but we did get the new bar and blade for the chainsaw, which came the day before. Man, that is overdue good value. I just will have to ease off on cutting small stuff, because it's so fast it is dangerous. I'm still waiting on the hard-drive, and weakened a bit and bought some plastic fishies from e-bay. They're much cheaper than current favorites, so we'll give them a try, and that, along with reels, rods, dive gloves etc, are consumables. Yes, I do have a stock, but if hard times strike I can always eat plastic fish. Yes, I can catch live-bait but there is something to be said for a bait you don't need to catch and don't need need to keep fresh, and will not stink the country out if you forget to take it out of the box.

I drilled out the hinges for the cooler-shed door, and that now waits on some fairly ingenious woodwork to rehang it... and then waits on the swallows to finish with their baby and bugger off from nesting inside it before I want to close it up.

Other little steps - one of my mates said I can definitely have the 35hp outboard, as soon as he gets 50 hp sorted out... hopefully by summer the Zoo will have a viable motor (she's only got a 8hp now, and that's pretty limiting)and all the bits for the trailer are nearly ready to make it street-legal. Then if we get the tow-hitch sorted out, and the roof between the cooler shed and the future container shed sorted, I can have it under cover _and_ ready to to go, which will make diving and fishing a little more flexible. Yes, I know, I have 3 good mates with boats, another who really will sort it out by summer, another who comes over time to time, and the possibility of a spot on a few other boats occasionally, and um, no hookah (and after you've used that, it's really hard to go back to tanks) but one of those has a regular job -which means siezing the day is tricky, the other is at the mercies of the vagaries of farming which can mean that calving or lambing or marking or dipping just won't wait because the sun is out ant the water flat. Peter's tinny I don't want to take off the east coast, and besides he lets us down by buggering off to America just when we need him (Just kidding, mate. You'll be back. You'd better. And the weather has been such no one would want to go to sea.) Slowly, piece by piece we get there. it would be fun to hurtle out and buy the stuff, but, all things considered we're doing well. One of the issues about doing stuff when you can find/scavenge/make/afford is that a lot of projects hang on other projects (like my workshop hangs on being able to clear garage space, which in turn has a list of other things that need to happen first. But we get there. Compared to when we arrived on the island, we've come such a long way.)

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