Friday, November 9, 2012

For those readers who are interested, are American, and have Cable TV, Flinders was the venue for a show called - if I am correct - 72 hours. (there are episodes from all over). Their photography is bound to be better than mine.

To remind those of you facing snow and misery of what different hemispheres we live in (yes, you had glorious summer when it was the winter of our discontent.)

My Strawberries are just starting to turn and I am worrying about netting.

And this is our second set of peas for the year - I had sugar snaps all through winter.


  1. Great photos, thx.

    The only reference to "72 hours" I could find was
    which didn't seem the right answer.

    Any additional clues?



  2. I really don't know much more. It's one of theses survivor type reality shows. They had 70 people and 3 helicopters here.

    Happy birthday for yesterday BTW