Tuesday, November 13, 2012

still night

It's a still, still night. Barbs is unfortunately exhausted, Norm is is still shearing, Peter is off island, Bill is not up to it right now, Arthur is off island. I feel bad about taking Jamie out until after midnight when he has to work in the morning... Mark's father doesn't know how lucky he is I haven't met him yet. Most of the other friends either have no real interest or require advance notice... So I guess the flounder are safe. I really want to start exploring new spots for them - they must be all around the island. It is frustrating that it must be wind-still.

I went mad today and bought a dehydrator. I really don't need one, but well, maybe we will.


  1. The proper question isn't do you need one, but will you USE one? If so, it isn't wasted money.

    Oh, did you get hit with any of the bad weather that hit the rest of Tasmania a week or so ago? It made the news on one of my bulletin boards.

    Lisa S. in Seattle.

    1. You're right and we probably will use simply because I will be upset about spending $50 I shouldn't have otherwise. Some money just came in for e-book sales via Naked Reader, and I just spent it in one blue.

      No our weather has been pretty good. We got a little rain and cool out of it, but not enough to even light the fire.