Monday, May 26, 2014

Vale Manny

I have just heard that one of the young Frenchmen who visited here in January is dead in a hospital in Vietnam, after surgery to correct an intestinal problem. It's hard to get my head around a young man dying (yes, climbing, diving accidents happen) but we tend to think of medical problems being for the older folk. Not true of course, but I am still shocked and saddened by it. We always thought we'd see him here again one day. My friends, there is no time like right now to reach out to people you like or love. Tomorrow might be too late.

We only met Manny for a couple of weeks, but he will forever have a place in our memories and stories.
Manny, Quilly, Marc, about to go spearfishing

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  1. Jody just told me the news. Please convey to Marc our deepest sympathy. Many was a great young man - Jody talked a lot about your night time adventures with him and Marc.