Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I spent part of today (the hottest part) painting the roof of the new/old container with bituminous paint. It's due a roof of corrugated iron above that soon, but to seal it up now seemed a good idea. Like most 'good ideas' better ideas when you were suggesting them to someone else. Far, far better ideas when you weren't boiling, breathing the stuff and watching all the little cypress needles blow onto it...

Anyway, I got done. One day I may not smell nasty. About the same day I don't smell of bitumen I reckon.

Last night we ate salami, olives,sundried tomatoes, for a pre-tea apetizer. Then eisbein, baby potatoes, apple sauce, carrot-salad - all which came off the farm. Then we had sticky date pudding and cream, that didn't come off the farm. I wonder what the rich people eat - cause it can't be better.


  1. Bituminous... ah, hot tar. That'll seal it all right. Great stuff. Smells like my uncle's pipe.

    Enjoy the advantages of being out in the middle of nowhere - great food. I doubt I'll ever have the seafood you get. Civilization has its' advantages too, like broadband data and advanced medical care. I need the advanced medical care for my uncle and mother, so I'm stuck for now.

    1. :-) I wonder how many people recognize your screen-name - Stanley G Weinbaum, A Martian Oddessy, IIRC. The broadband data we miss. Medical care - it's -thanks to the flying doctor, quicker to Launceston General from here, than outer suburbs of Launceston. Yes, for day-to-day advanced care, it would be hard, but we do have a little 'hospital' -which is pretty good and a good doctor.

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