Saturday, March 14, 2015

Snags= sausages

Norm and I made 10kg's of snags (sausages) yesterday. It's quite a process, which really needs two people to make it easy, and French photographer to make it risque bordering on the obscene (Yes, she found my putting the gut onto the spout of the sausage stuffer hilarious, and my controlling the fill rate even more so. I leave it your imagination. I am not posting pictures!)

Other than that it was a sad day, with Sir Terry Pratchett's taking the walk with Death. I re-read the THE LAST CONTINENT in a sort of Wake. Today we have Pippa's (my neighbor and dive partner's daughter) birthday and new cubby-house (what we would have called a Wendy-house back in My word, that cubby!) I'll take some pictures. It's double story, has running water.
That's the birthday girl on the dive boat.

Tomorrow is Lady Mary McTier's (our late Scottish Dance teacher - who was still teaching us at 100) Wake.

A quiet life on the island.


  1. Your Pippa is a bit smaller than my Pippa, but almost as cute (I am, as a mother, biased).