Monday, September 10, 2012

In the busy life of authors living on small remote islands with nothing to do but write, moan about the weather and feed themselves off the land... my older son and his wife have just come home for a visit from the UK. My cold/flu has somewhat receded, but I'd love them to have come next week (and to stay for just as long, or longer. I'm just really tired.)

Anyway, we're not too sure when next we'll get to see them, with Clare not getting much time off in her next few years, and us not having a lot of spare cash for the traveling thing, so it is something to be very grateful for. That and wedding leftovers, which is what they got for supper tonight :-)

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  1. Nagging: Photos Please.

    And some more photos of the wedding couple, not just the distance ones from the wedding itself.

    And an up-to-date photo of Dr Monkey without wetsuit et al.

    And a photo of your home.

    And a photo of the chookabango in its new home.

    And some dogs and cats.

    And the vege gardens.

    And the temperature controlled shed after you renovated it.

    and the property.

    I'm not greedy. About 100 photos would be fine, though more is better.

    I wish I had your drive and ability, but to my astonishment I actually finished a job in the renovation of our ancient laundry last week. Only a sixth coat of the ceiling and three more mortar coats of the new fernery, and the sealing of inside and outside with reject cement blocks to go.

    Did you know that one of the best glues in the world for rough surfaces is "no more gaps". After a month, if you try to move a block, the gap filler doesn't break, it rips up the cement instead.

    Oops, getting talkative on your site again. Its such a friendly place, in fact its the only place where I never get criticised for my unsanity.

    Fondest regards to you, your missus and your kids and in-laws.