Saturday, September 8, 2012

Will someone find that horse and confine it?

I've been slightly sicker than the average horse, which appears to have been sneaking in and kicking me in the ribs in the bits of sleep I have managed to get (it's that or coughing rather a lot). James has managed after an hour and a half on the mobile to get half way with winning with Telstra. (to the extent that my internet is up again, at the price they originally quoted for the extra cap - it turns out the issue with my cap is NOT that I am prodigal and spend my life watching streaming video. It's that we have days when packet loss is 80% - that problem and the telephone which is 'working' but with such crackle you can only hear one in three remain unresolved. Most things in Australia - even including govt. departments, work and seem to do so quite or very well and fast. Telstra are the big stand out). Honesty forces me to admit they're the company I would most like to send to Somalia, for achieving the rare distinction of being less able than a Zimbabwean government department. Somalia would achieve a marginal internet and telephone improvement, and Australia a great one, as something -- almost anything else -- has to be better.

With James's new wife on her way back to Zimbabwe,(the kids are in for a tough few months) he needed a distraction. He has more patience and politeness than I do. They just don't seem to have any technicians available at all.

Anyway, we have a Scottish dancing class (among a weekend of dancing of various sorts - swing? - that I'll pass on) later today. I'm hoping for my wife's sake that I'll be able to manage without coughing too much. I'm going to put up some pics and the story of the wedding (some of which is quite funny given our ability to find disaster in the mundane and overcome it) - probably tomorrow.

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