Wednesday, September 19, 2012

more Bolg

After a really exhausting day of wrestling with Corel Paint shop I've done a cover for Bolg, PI: Away with the fairies. It will never be as hard again, and I'll do a better one, but I've put it up on Smashwords for now - and it says there are autovettor errors... more wrestling tomorrow - but the thing with all these is they bring me a small amount of cash, reliably (which publishers are not) regularly (which once again, doesn't happen) and I am more or less in control (once again, to be desired, and not usual). They continue to find readers for me and not vanish from the shelf after 4 weeks, but stay available. By now I have quite a lot of shorter work up on Amazon and Smashwords, and the Bolg stories are Novella length. I'll make them all into a book one day.

I've put in carrots and beet seed today, and also got our first asparagus in - our fist plants are now 3 years old. It was too windy to put a roof on the wood-shed, but I did make my mini-greenhouse, which now has tomato seeds out in it. My first tomato seedlings are up indoors. We're still in for a lean time with veg for a month or so, although there is a little lettuce, and silver beet, carrots, and spring onions and a last bit of broccoli. The caulies are getting bigger, but not there yet. I must say the onions and garlic are growing well. My Italian parsley however is all going to seed, and I will need to plant more :-(


  1. So the asparagus transplanted OK across the island? Great!

    How long do you have Paddy and Clare? I remember about the first pic I saw of her was wielding a chainsaw -- a much bigger one than the one I timidly essay some firewood with sometimes -- I was impressed.

    1. Yes, the asparagus made the transition just fine. I was actually considering a bigger bar for the chainsaw. Clare and Pads are here for another week - and then - barring the unlikely event of us going to the UK we probably won't see them until Clare finishes her Medical degree - a few more years, as holidays are taken up with work experience stuff. Well, so long as they are safe and happy, it's good, but we do miss them.