Monday, October 29, 2012

Alas poor Speed Queen...

So in the post-apocalyptic world which household appliance would you like to lose least? Lets face it, they make our lives easier, make it possible to do more - or the same in less time, enabling you to spend more time watching TV, blogging, surfing the net or working.

Life without freezers be hard for us, eggbeater I'd miss. Same with bread machine (in that kneading takes time) and going pack to hand mincing would be a pain. But, as our faithful Speed Queen (big automatic washing machine - basically a laundromat machine without the slot that cost us a bit extra in dark ages 16 years ago, finally had its first hiccup. The solenoid controlling the inflow of water has packed up, and it overflowed... replacing the washer would be $1900 - before transport, so I guess, baring a sudden boom in my book sales or a movie deal, we'll never own another Speed Queen, as something smaller, cheaper (undoubtably less reliable) will just have to do. However ingenuity may yet come to my rescue, as the hot-water (which has never been used) solenoid appears fine. So let's see if my fixit skilz (which are rather rough and ready, tend to involve 6 inch nails, 12 mm bolts and 4 pound hammers...) can triumph.


  1. A couple of comments.

    ~~ Don't make our mistake. We bought a smaller machine because that's all we could afford.

    Our elder son says its a racist - anything black comes out covered in lint. The soap is never completely rinsed away.

    ~~ Speed Queen is still the number 1 washing machine for coin laundries in Oz. It is probable that if you search you can find a new solenoid. Its almost guaranteed that you can get a second hand one.

    ~~ Any retired electricians handy? You could probably get the solenoid rewired for a carton of beer.

    Best of luck


  2. There are stores here that specialize in replacement parts for older appliances. I've kept 30 year old appliances running. I'd imagine that Hobart would have something like that.