Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Proof reading is a royal pain in the nether regions - especially on a glorious still day when every bit of the monkey boy said 'get in the water!' Still, it must be done. I did another job I had no desire to do today -roundup on my fence-line. I'm not much of a spraying person, but it's a long long line of square-mesh. You can't cut it with a wipper-snipper, or a steel-head brush cutter, and it is just too big to do by hand.
On the germinating front, I have some sugar snap peas up, more carrots, beets, scorzonera, salsify, fennel, and parsnips. I've even put out the first tomato seedlings. Tomorrow (in between finishing the proof read, and sending the corrections off) I need to put the capsicum and eggplant seeds in to warm germinating. I'm planning to hot-house eggplant throughout, after Jody's information about the flowering-fruiting and temperature.
My friend Norm has put in avocado and tree tomato plants - I hate the idea of investing a lot in trees right now, but I am envious.
I'm behind on getting potatoes in. I just am not sure where to put them! I think I'll do a few tire-tower ones, but I need a huge bed.
Oh, and I have been offered a mushroom farm (which I gather is a bag-size farm). Sounds good to me, as this autumn brought very few field mushrooms.


  1. I was wondering about mushrooms, but I forgot to ask back in your fall season. I remember in your first autumn you were kind of dubious (wisely) about 'shrooming. Did you find a local expert?

    1. Um, the local expert is not a very helpful woman. She likes to know, not show. So I am very careful

  2. If there is a farm in there, then there cannot be mushroom left in the bag.