Monday, October 8, 2012

I sometimes feel vaguely guilty because there really is no exciting new news to add - a lot of country living, self sufficiency - hell even writing is just keeping it all going down the same track. Doing something new just means you haven't quite got time for the ongoing projects! It's also a case of balancing late payments against minimal spending does tend to make some ingenuity - but also a dead stop on some projects. Hell, we paint it blue and make it do, but for example I can't buy an outboard with no money and I hate spending down reserves.

Yesterday's fishing was much the usual spots but quite rough and a lot of drift, and not a lot of fish, 12 flathead in all and I think I got 8 of them. My day I guess. Jamie got another mackeral in the same spot - I must take some feathers and try there, as I like grilled and smoked

The garden is starting to seriously take off for spring, and so are the swallows/ ?swifts. Well, the ones that aren't stunned and inside my study are... I 've just take one out. It flew off happily. I see I have parsnips up.

I have the proofs for THE STEAM MOLE to do.


  1. I like hearing about your garden. And the progress on your books.

    Maybe you could post snippets? (greedily rubs hands)

    And I posted a comment a few posts below you might want to look at.

    The 1632 news makes me happy!

  2. Yeah, the 1632 news is great! Mind you, you have to ask what the hell happened to American TV/movie companies that the Brits are doing it. Snippets... I kinda like to keep this blog mostly for the non-writing side of my life :-) I have one, which makes quite different to some other writers. I must have mised the earlier comment - it's been a bad week or two. I'll have a look.