Tuesday, June 4, 2013


That were looking in the wrong place for Saddam's chemical warfare weapons of mass distruction. They're hiding in Bill's garden disguised as chillies. I can almost sit down now, thank you.

It's been a busy few days with writing and planting - a lot of garlic going in. Cloves and bulbils. Vampire wallaby will get nowhere around here... We have had some very mild weather, after a frosty start, and I'm still getting tomatoes, which is a bit of a PITA as I am reluctant to pull them out. We won't get (outside of greenhouse) again until January.

I've also been restocking and sorting the pantry with the stuff I brought over with Peter's container. 50 litres of cooking oil, 25kg of dog-rice, 20 kg of Jasmine for less woofy takers, and oats, and polenta, and tins of tomato (for when the frozen/dried runs out. I have my weaknesses. That and tins of coconut cream).

Actually the last trip into town was a perfect eg. of how the island works -I stopped at Norm's dropped off some biltong and dried apple, helped with some butchering and got some beef, I dropped wallaby bones with Bill for his large dogs, and emerged with some chillies and potatoes. Passed on some chillies (yes you spotted my mistake) and some Wallaby for another friend who was coming in the next day, to Peter, had a steak for lunch with him and passed on some lead to Jamie... got some cheap glasses Jamie had bought at Chicken Feed (a discount shop on the mainland) and sent him off with a TV Peter brought over for John, and a bunch of LED's John's going to put into a flounder light for us ... Helped load /shift fridges and solar panels and came home with my dry goods and a bunch of other lovely bits (another vice, yay! I need more vices! Yes, I do!)

:-) It's a bit like being in a permanent Amish barn-raising, at times. With Chillies.

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