Friday, June 7, 2013

Mucking about in fountains

Well now, it's not the weather for this. But needs must when the devil drives - or the farm water supply spouts like underground whale (yes. I do write fantasy) in the middle of your boundary fence, it's time to go for a nice outdoor cold shower, with added wind and rain (we had 34 mm, not quite all of it landing in me). Poly pipe fittings under pressure, a foot deep in very cold water that need to lined up precisely to screw on are indeed a test manliness. I promise if you started certain that you were one, by the time you get them screwed on (and they have not responded to your putting the next join in by popping off again - which only happened 3 times, you will be a lot less certain of gender, and indeed possibly whether you still have hands. I SHOULD have put a wetsuit on, but you do feel it's only a pipe leak, and should be dealt with in a hurry, and haha, you won't get too wet, because you're practiced at this. Defensive memory and the last time was summer (and still wet-and-cold) that's what it is. I suppose it could have been dark too, so I should count my blessings. Still it was a long 35 minutes...

Still, I am sure a nice cold shower was good for me. I think I might give the chickens one, because they're still not laying eggs. Tomorrow's plan is to have a chocolate dipping stall for our Church fair type market thingy, and as it was my bright idea, I am going in with Barbs to offer people little bowls of chocolate fondue with dipping bits- dried fruit, buiscuits, crisps (yes) and various 'lollies' as sweets are called here. If you have a daughter or son with a beautiful party outfit and lovely hair, do bring them along for some wonderful getting covered in chocolate. From experience with my darling God-daughters some may even go in their mouths!

Then in the afternoon I am due to take part in some beef sausage making.

Life in the fast lane :-)

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