Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rubber - speargun wishbones and other tyres.

Got new tyres ont Barbs's car - only justin if you ask me, and a great deal too late if you ask my friend Bill - still, it didn't burst, die, get her pulled up or leave her stuck at the roadside. In the process, I discovered the boot, which she seldom uses, leaks. There was a loch in the spare-tyre well, with several monsters. The medium term plan was for a car-port for the trailer and it, between the little house on the prairie, and our container to be. Now a shorter-term plan must be made. More moving stuff around... alas poor sinuses (I hate disturbing dust. It's not that I'm lazy).

I carefully took the speargun and rubber in to make my ingenious friends' days more trying - and forgot to take it out of the car while in town. Genius. Anyway, I sat down this evening and didit meself. I've tested it, and it works. Now I need to make a spare for the second speargun.

I went out at dusk last night to shoot a few wallaby for my friend who was helping me (well, I was ineptly helping him) with the tyres - he has two Irish wolfhound and they love bones. I must have bumped my sight slightly as the rifle was shooting dead straight, but a little low - so more re-sighting tomorrow :-( I like clean head shots. I think I must check the mounts themselves.

The new chooks are learning their trade, queue for the chookabago to move, and are laying - the eggs are little small still, but eggs are eggs. Bill said to me today that he has to prepare his garden for spring. I'm still trying to preare mine for autumn, and Norman is already getting Caulis out of his. I did get tomatoes about 3 days ago, but really, now they have to go. (I have actually got quite a lot in, but have let myself down with brocolli and cauliflowers).

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