Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hmm. How do you get blood off the carpet?

No,I haven't killed Barbs, or the cats, or dripped 'roo on it - cat killed a rat messily on the white carpet. Barbs is away in Lonnie for medical stuff (which,to our vast relief is negative, fine 100%. Sorry no will to post earlier, all is well) and then off to visit our younger two on Philip Island (what is it about Islands and the Freers?)and I am coping by eating bacon and drinking a glass of wine. As you may gather the bacon came out well.

It's raining snot and blowing misery here, and I feel rather like bouncing off walls. I was out planting onions and more brocolli in the rain earlier. I shall doubtless catch pneumonia and die to celebrate! ;-)


  1. Whatever you did on the carpet, if anything still shows, you might try scrubbing it with damp bicarbonate of soda, and then vacuuming when dry.

    Envying the bacon. With that much supply in a lump sum, as it were, I would have a hard time rationing it. A year's supply of bacon, gone in a week ...

    1. I have proved it is possible to eat too much bacon. Batching it with a year's supply is not wise!

      I have tried the bicarb, and it is mostly gone. Thank you!