Wednesday, August 7, 2013

salty sausages

I have Wednesday deciding Wednesday is Wednesday cuddle night and I must chicken peck with one hand. I felt I was being a trifle rudderless at the moment,so i decided to make a to-do list. I got as far as make a to-do list on it and stuck...

Anyway,I did do some weeding, much needed, and made sausage mince...pork, garlic, thyme, salt, sundried tomatoes,sweet fortified wine and then could not find the casings, so we had sausage patties this evening. I found them a little too salty - which is a world first (I often over salt, but only in other people's opinion), so I'll add a little more meat and maybe a little a little more garlic. The vampires around here are dangerous.

I did eventually get the list complied and it involves silly things like getting the seed trays ready... and going through my seeds. Spring is creeping towards us, but on leaden feet right now.

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  1. I think you must consult Pooh, He was big on starting lists of things to remember.