Saturday, August 3, 2013

Well, it's another day when it is easy to understand why Flinders doesn't have the population of Guam or Barbados... for which I am very grateful. The wind is blowing off snow somewhere, and bringing flurries of rain. Of course the sheep are lambing.

I am still climbing out of this tooth thing, and I suppose post-partum depression with the next book done, and starting on the next. There are a few other stresses going on, but the less said the better. Anyway... my fiendish plot (no. 3256) for warming the house that we will eventually live in 1)insulate, 2)insulate 3)my hangi theory - which involve shutting off the typical hollow under Australian wooden houses, putting some form of heating - most likey water pipes from a hot reservoir which will heat all day around the slabs of sheet granite, which takes time to warm up during the early part of the evening but will slowly re-radiate. Good pie in the sky, anyway :-)

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  1. Coming from Canada, I was shocked at Australian building standards. Can you ever have too much insulation?