Friday, October 25, 2013

A man needs a Shed...

I'm thinking of changing Pugsley's name to 'Shed'. After all, every man should have a shed, and right now, even if we're still lighting fires and spring plants are not growing... his fur is coming out in handfuls. I have what I call a rainbird (big brown thrushlike bird, which has quite a distinctive whistle, like calling sheepdogs,) and a pair of swallows nesting in the little house on the prairie-shed at the moment - which is awkward because I want to replace the door. It'll have to wait a little longer.

I dug a new strip in the new garden patch (which is harder work than it sounds - it's thick turf, and very poor soil just below that, so I loosen the grass, beat the soil out of it. The strip is about 2 feet wide by 20 long.) -Planted now with potatoes.

We're still having intermittent storms and occasional hail, and this is not much good for the spring plants...

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