Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad Moon Rising and the Foine Wee Wee Beastie.

The moon last night was a lurid pumpkin orange - and flattened so it looked more like a nuclear disaster half way to New Zealand. Of course by the time I'd fetched my camera, and reset on dusk - not only was the colour not the same but the picture just doesn't do it justice. It looks small.
I took the good advice and didn't go round.

And here, new to the farming world of Freer is a hand-tractor - courtesy of Peter. As it is undoubtably a beastie, but is rather small for even vineyard tractor. (Those who have read Rats, Bats, and Vats will understand. The rest of you: it is just one of Life's little mysteries.) So rather than a foine wee beastie it's a foine wee wee beastie.

I'm honestly not sure how effective it will prove.

And just to prove I don't only grow veggies badly, here are some flowers

And Robin inspecting my gardening from a suitable distance. She is not impressed.


  1. Oy, any man intending to impress a cat is bound to be dissapointed

    1. Or hav just walked in from sea with fresh fish :-)

    2. I don't know if they are really impressed, or just glad you proved good for something other than petting and a lap at certain times.