Monday, January 27, 2014

Back for now...

Our visitors have all gone back to frozen pipes and and subzero temperatures, or in the case of Marc and Manny, to Brisbane to pack for the next stage of their expedition. You see something of their adventures here

Which leaves you, poor souls, with me again. I'll be trying to finish the book I was striving for before they arrived, and, while I know it is nearly done, that's a hard thing to go back to. Anyway, what must be done, must be done. It's turned really hot which I hope will help the veggies catch up. As summers have gone this was not much of a one.

The blue slug sadly does not agree with me - and needs her radiator replaced. Oh joy. I love working on cars. Give me meat, or food or earth any day. Unfortunately they are all lousy means of transport, and my doing it is cheaper than the alternatives. So the blue slug may suffer my ministrations. If I was it I'd shape up PDQ and patch my radiator quickly, before that happens.

Also unfortunately all the visitors have left us with very little internet cap, and it only refreshes on the 11th, so I may run out. Well, will run out - so I may vanish again. However after 11 Feb normal service and sarcasm should resume.

Barbs has her interview date set for her citizenship thingy - had it for weeks. I have yet to hear from them, which is a bit worrying (yes I know, understandable. But I am not really that rotten a fellow). She did query hers and this may have boosted it. It's still well under the response time promised, but we would have liked to go over together - it is cheaper and easier.


  1. Interesting about the citizenship thing, I assumed that married couples/families who applied together would be inducted together by default. How odd.

    1. *sputter* That would require the beaurocrazy to make sense.

    2. They asked on the form, and Barbs and I both indicated 'yes we wanted it together' (which was tempting fate, I suppose) - but that's induction, not the interview.