Friday, January 31, 2014

On how to bribe yourself to finish a book

Starting to get the first ripe tomatoes, and picked the first 'crash helmet' (gem squash - a peculiar South African squash many people would be glad to have left behind...) Eaten small they're tasty enough, eaten as juvenile pumpkins I really do not like them. What will of course shock and surprise all of you there is just a tiny bit of chaos in my veg - like I planted zucchini/summer squash where the pumpkins were supposed to go, and vice versa.

We had our Island writer's meeting today, which is always very entertaining. Well, for me. I don't get out a lot with other lit'ry types (I feel a bit of a fraud, I write to entertain sf readers, and really know very little). Anyway I got some lettuce out of it, which is good as all of mine is going to seed. So we had croquettes, venison sausages and salad for our tea. A hard life we lead.

I have to measure stuff and dig holes for poles tomorrow to prepare for the boat shed, which will perch between two old containers, as well as write words. I don't like digging holes so hope that'll force the words so I can finish this book...

Seriously, it is close, but complicated, getting all the threads to knot off, and not spoiling by rushing.

And some picture links for you guys, courtesy of my cousin

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