Friday, April 16, 2010

Best laid plans

We went out for flounder last night and although it was raining as we left home, the area we go is about 25kms away, and it was dry there but the wind was blowing a bit, which ruffles the water, and as we are using a spear, it means we can't see the fish! The 2 slightly older locals who are normally there when we go, were waiting in their vehicles, but decided there was too much wind, so drove off, after a chat. We decided to stay. We have always used the orange light on their vehicle to get back, so were a bit worried about being on our own far out in knee deep water, with an LED light we bought in Hobart inside the ute, but it worked really well. There is a gully they keep warning us about, and as they were not there, we didn't go too far, but we got 4 flounder, 3 squid and 3 garfish, so we were really pleased with ourselves!! It is the first time we have speared squid, or even seen them at night. We scoop netted the garfish, but it was a first for them too, so we came home at 10pm very happy. Then we still had to gut and freeze, so it was a late night, but well worth it. We planned to take coffee, but had our first power failure here just before we left, so we went without, and really it was not that cold, so we didn't even miss it. I think we were so warmed by our catch!

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