Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A bit jumbled...

The posting has been a bit erratic, as I have a lot on my plate and a lot in my head at the moment. The boys have just finished University, James is... somewhere. I know he's heading for Harare with Alana at sometime. Paddy will be off to England in the next day or so. I actually haven't heard from either (not surprising, their plates must be very full, packing up after 3 and 4 years living in residence, moving away from friends, moving to new lives. Anyway, I hope they're OKay, but at their age I was not exactly telling the Old Man where I was and how I was doing. I've finally got all the details to go and sit my skipper's ticket. I've also got my gun license course on Thursday and a fair bit of swotting to do for that. We're also in early phases of various possible upheavals in where we live. And to add to this we've had thunderstorms... my computer does not like those. Anyway, been working on some new stories, and trying to keep my head. I keep mislaying it. I found myself looking for my glasses in freezer this morning, and worse, finding them.


  1. I once spent about an hour looking for the book I had been reading… only to find it in the refrigerator. Hope you have news soon, have fun with the gun course, I did something similar this summer and it was a good time.

  2. I have read about icy cold stares, but I had not realized that they were a product of icy cold glasses.

  3. About a month ago I was talking to Sue's sister (Darwin, NT) on the 'phone. She was complaining she couldn't find her glasses. I pointed out I had done that and found them pushed up my forehead. Lo and behold, that's what she'd done.

    Her husband must have been teasing her - she'd asked him if he knew where they were three times, he'd looked straight at her and said, "No." I foresaw an interesting family discussion looming :-)


  4. Glad you found the glasses Dave. Doesn't everyone keep their glasses in the freezer? :)

    This is a true story.

    When I worked at TAFE a teenager came to the counter and asked if anyone had handed in her sunglasses. She had asked all over the TAFE and no one had seen them.

    I asked if they were the ones on the top of her head. They were.

    My work mates were laughing so hard behind me they had to leave the office and I never so much as cracked a smile. She left and I burst into laughter.

    PS - She was blonde !