Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We have rumbles

It sounds as if there is thunderstorm about. Which is quite odd, here. Worth commenting on, which it wasn't back in South Africa.

I must get up onto the roof and put a mesh sleeve over the chimney, as it has warmed up to the point we're not really likely to do fires again for a few months.

We had a really alien and exotic dinner tonight. One of those things that people eat in furrin parts... ergo, roast chicken. I discovered one I didn't know we had in the freezer and so I cooked it. We really have to get the raise chooks for meat stakes soon. In the next year or so.

I used some of our frozen apple stock and extra eggs to make apple Brioche

which I was quite pleased with. Pretty.


  1. The apple desert looks wonderful. Not only that, it probably lacks your main spices my body considers poisons. Thanks for the photo, Dave.

    You are so lucky with your children. My elder is the "genius but bored" variety. Thank gosh he phoned yesterday and I was able to enlist assistance from the university councilors. I chatted with the mathematics professor. To my surprise, he remembered us, has been keeping track of Mike's studies and regular changes of direction, well understands the "bored student" syndrome - apparently he'd been one, absolutely wants Mike back and will force him to undertake post-graduate studies and work as a TA - which was how he was recovered. Challenge and PAY. Hopefully, it will be irresistible to Mike. Mike makes a few hundred a month from computer game training he places on YouTube. He makes a few hundred more per month as a tutor to advanced students and professors in computer use and maths packages. The advantage of the Professor's offer is he will conduct the training at the university, not have to travel an hour or so on public transport to people's homes.

    If the professor's wish comes true, Mike will have an interesting resume, because he will get his Master's degree before getting a graduate degree.

    Oh, and, I turned 59 yesterday. My 17 year old and some friends came around last night and declared war on me and Sue. Sigh. So much for a birthday dinner. Alex is engaged and determined to go to Mike's university, to prove he's better than Mike. I just cannot get him to understand that it is the postgraduate university, 90% of students are over 25, and its the loneliness of a young person in that environment that sourced most of Mike's problems. Children, can't teach 'em and not permitted to kill 'em.

    Best regards

    Ian Clark

    Want the eArc of your new book by, well, tomorrow would do.

    And still want "Gypsies"

  2. Our cat Purrs passed on to another life today. Mum and I are both sad. No more warm spot on the back. No more foot warmer in winter.

    He was very affectionate and I saw the love in his eyes as he faded away in my lap.

    Sorely missed.


  3. My sympathy Ian. And at least he was with those he loved.

  4. Sorry, I was a bit crook yesterday. My kids... ah well, I love them both, am very proud of them, but they'll make their own decisions. Probably best if I don't discuss their issues on the interwebs:-). They have them, like everyone.

    Given the situation in publishing I will probably be doing e-books myself this next year, as well as trying to fulfill contracts. So Space Gypsies would be one of the books I would be putting up.