Saturday, November 12, 2011

the tea-boy

Well it was the local fair today, and I got straight-armed into being a tea-boy on one of the stalls. It was very quiet, even for the island. Still it's a bit of a family event, with your various friends and acquaintances all showing up for a range from polite social chatter (those you don't know too well) to the normal smiling barrage of insults from you do. I was rather taken aback by one newcomer who introduced himself and his wife and kids as having bought on the island because they'd read the blog. Nice folk. In repayment I gave his toddler a useful wooden coffee stirrer to - as his father suggested, stick up his nose. All part of keep the island - or at least our doctors - working! I think the local tourism industry and property merchants should pay me a commission, or at least take me fishing in repayment. I'm cheap at ten crayfish and fifty flathead a year... seriously, those I catch myself. The King George Whiting, stripy trumpeter, yellowtail kingfish are the learning curve targets for the next year or two. Now if Peter finds me a Seagull for the zoodiac I can pop out to continental shelf and catch blue-eye trevalla and tuna and a few marlin... Put that 'phone down. You don't need to pre-emptively call out the the SES! The Zoodiac's future is very much an inshore vessel, even if theory has Craggy island quite close. If we ever do those sort of expeditions we'll do them as a little gallant company of vessels.


  1. See--people do read you! And are influenced thereby.

    I've been experimenting with cake made with olive oil (and molasses to disguise the oil). It's all edible, but both the above hide the flavor of the apples. Although, the minced candied ginger and the apple pieces look a lot alike in this cake, which might make it interesting to those who don't like ginger as much as I do...

    Lisa S. in Seattle

  2. cake... and olive oil. These are not your average companion words. Enquiring minds would like to know why? (and what sort of olive oil. Extra virgin?)

  3. Hi Dave, I do read the blog, just in big clumps once or twice a month usually, hence why I'm so late posting this comment! I definitely feel I owe you something...just not sure quite what I can offer, unaccustomed as I am to hard labour. We'll be back over in Jan and maybe I can arrange to bump into you again and work it out then.