Wednesday, February 22, 2012

K9 self-sufficiency.

At about mid-day we had a yapping and yammering from the front garden. So I went to have a look -- to find Puggle and Wednesday had cornered a large wallaby that they'd got down and were now engaged in biting in as many places as possible. They'd managed to bite a hole in its side - but not I would have thought, anywhere vital. I finished the business with lump of wood and cut the creature's throat. The wallaby was actually bigger than Wednesday so I was surprised -- I would have thought it would kicked the dogs away, and possibly done them more damage than they could do it. The cats -who were watching from the window were very impressed. I've had dogs that were good ratters before, but this one really must be the biggest rat the kitties had ever seen. I had to haul i up into a tree and disembowel and skin it and I was very very glad Tom wasn't watching me. Still, it got done, and the dogs have 16 days of dog-roo. I'm not too keen on this catch and kill your own idea for them, as I think this is too exiting and they may go a wandering if they get the chance. And I'd hate it to be a sheep instead. They're not young dogs any more either. On the other hand, I really don't want roos in the garden.

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