Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hmm. Yuck. Blogger has a new posting format. Today I had a passing lesson in the stupidity of sheep. Norman borrowed a life-jacket from me, and made a comment about needing to move the sheep from one paddock to the next (the other side of the house). He was off to the fishing competition, so I said could I help out. He said well, if I could just open the gates (a 2 minute hop over the fence from our place, and 5 minute three gate drive otherwise, he'd be grateful. They'd drift, and if not he'd chase the rest around this evening. When I got there I discovered their water was overflowing, so later I came back with a few tools to try and fix it. About half of the 2500 sheep had drifted down the lane-way and into the new paddock... the rest were being sheep. So Barbs and I thought we'd nudge them toward the gate. My word. Sheep are really, really dim. And... um they follow each other like sheep. They ran around in circles rather than go through that gate, into the lane-way, where they could see that terrifying thing... NO other sheep.

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