Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life little lessons

Life's little lessons: 1)If you aren't wearing a weight-belt, don't let go of your hand-spear at the end of your shot in deep water. (imagine Judith -who lets NOTHING stop her, bobbing frustratedly above her spear. Fortunately I could get down to it).
2)If you find an old 10 foot tinnie in the shed, put water inside it to see if it leaks before taking it into the big blue ocean. (The maiden voyage of the Queen Mary that Norman found on the farm was even shorter and less successful than that of the good ship Zoo. Her stern filled with water before the bow was IN the water.)
3)NEVER go into a cave that is too deep to reverse out of when your air stops coming down the hookah pipe (my mouthpiece detached while I was fighting with a crayfish, but I assumed the compressor had stopped running. Getting back in the water a second time after that was very difficult, but I did it.)
4)If you think you'll get to bed early in the Whoop-whoop, think again. (We had four separate sets of evening visitors last night, before I could cook our tea.)

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