Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mist and dragons.

Well, some hay moved (hay hay it's Wednesday) and the gate and pallets moved although I don't have them made into the new compost heap for the rest of the several tons of cut grass off what will be our lawn. Also one 3D dragon jigsaw done (repair to a bit of dragon-statue dropsy that did not end well) and a new pump ordered for the fountain, and a new mist-generator for the dragon (what do you mean you didn't know dragons needed mist? Where have you been all your life? Go to the the Drakensberg. Plenty mist there) and some cursing at lousy Aussie light fitting company that lets you order goods and pay for them... and then say oh they're waiting for their suppliers to deliver before they can dispatch. Gah. Friday will hopefully see the new septic tank. I may fill it with water and do a little swimming, just so i can say I have done that.

I've borrowed a little outboard for the Zoo-diac (whose name on the MAST form is 'Zoo') and have been trying to register the boat. And I am not going diving tomorrow, because I have to work. That deserves a halo.

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