Saturday, May 4, 2013


I'm going to '50's party tongight. Given my age, maybe I should recapture my youth and go in what I was wearing in the bit of the 50's I saw. Bloody cold for a nappy, though.

The pig continues piggish, destroying sty just because it can. She's a very voluble pig, of many and varied grunts, unlike her male predecessor. Are girl pigs more talkative than boys? I only have 3 grunts of pig so my contributions to the conversation are limited, but that does not stop her for an instant. Not even having her mouth full stops her. She's fond of her tucker, but not in the same league as her predecessor. Yet.

Some of the carrot seedlings are up, some of the beet seedlings are up, some of the garlic is up. Some parsnips might be. I cut wood, and hopefully finished prepping THE FORLORN for Amazon. Norm and I fixed a water-leak, getting our annual shower, and I only had one 4 months ago! It was warmer then! Seriously, probably saved the pressure pump.

And now I go to use some of that firewood, because it is turning cold and dark, which it does here at this time of year, nearly every night :-).

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