Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I took the dogs for a walk at the beach at Patriararch's inlet this morning, to their delight (partly to delight them, partly to watch Wednesday, partly to get me out for a little bit.) Pugs has to walk on a lead, to stop him doing too much (cruciate problems) but he loves it, anyway. Wednesday runs around us, and does 4 times the distance, but stays very close. Grin, the sea was angry and noisy and Puggles did not like it (he loved the walk to it and back, just it looked like I might say... bath). The only bit of interesting flots They both love swimming but that was no sea for swimming. Anyway, they showed me that compared to dogs, humans are near blind to smells, needing 5X smello-noses. So why do they smell each other's nether ends so closely? - I can smell that product from 5 yards... They found a number of dead muttonbirds (a lot of the young ones just fail to make that first flight) all mostly fossilised and were very disappointed in the fact I would not let them bring the fruits of their beach-combing along. Wendnesday behaved pretty normally, and ate well this evening. She still doesn't want me to touch her back. It doesn't seem to worry her in any other way. I'm still watching it. My dogs are very precious and they're not young any more. I still miss my Roland terribly.

I got given some pork sausages this evening, and we will have them for tea tomorrow. We had quite a bit of rain - but probably only 5mm - the drought continues. It's a green drought so far, but the island fields are starting to look like clipped lawns. Time to get out the cricket kit and plan beach barbeques.


  1. When the dogs I had didn't want me to touch their back, it meant they had a tick somewhere around the groin, which was affecting the spinal chord.

    I don't know if there are ticks on the island, but its time to give her a head to toe inspection. Look for infection heads as well.

    She will not like it, but its necessary.


  2. Q: "[W]hy do they smell each other's nether ends so closely?"

    The doggies held a meeting,
    They came from near and far,
    Some came by motor cycle,
    And some by motor car
    Each doggie passed the doorway,
    Each doggie signed the book
    Each one unshipped his arsehole
    And hung it on a hook.

    One dog was not invited
    It sorely raised his ire
    He ran into the meeting hall
    And loudly shouted, "Fire!"
    It threw them in confusion
    And without a second look
    Each grabbed another's arsehole
    From off another hook

    And that's the reason why sir,
    When walking down the street
    And that's the reason why sir,
    When doggies chance to meet
    And that's the reason why sir,
    On land, abroard or home
    They'll sniff each other's arsehole...
    To see if it's their own.