Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quizz kid

Well, bravely (because spending money takes courage... for me), I have put in the order for some cheese culture and rennet, and the mould for the crust. So... hopefully Camenbert- style cheese.

We went to a charity fundraiser quizz last night - before you start laughting I am absolutlely useless at this sort of quizz, as it restes quite a lot a knowledge of TV, Movies, media and sport, and recognising music (without words - eek) and Australian and Flinders facts... yeah. Colour me a loser, but it was still fun simply because to paraphrase Charis's veiws in Fredrica - it's nicer at a country ball where you know everyone (or nearly). I really need to read some Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson. But I draw the line at learning about tennis. It's a racket...


  1. I could live off Brie and bread. Good luck!

  2. Off Topic:

    Who won the war of the Rats? Or is it still underway?