Thursday, November 28, 2013

Feeling my oats

The computer is being iffy AGAIN. It really wasn't a good buy :-( Oh well, back up, back up, back up. at the moment it keeps deciding it doesn't do the internet. That the connection does not exist. And today it has started adding the mouse. Joy.

Anyway, I've made some progress with the Viper (current book), and Barbs is poor one surviving the new computer system being implemented at the surgery. If you can't say anything polite, don't say anything at all, so I will say nothing about it.

The first of my zucchini shows flower buds. The first of my new tomatoes has tiny fruit. I have 2/5 of the last strip (about 2/25 of the total) of the current new garden patch to clear. Then I want to move on to increase the area by 2/3 and add another tank as well as starting one of the tanks afresh. If you don't have crazy dreams you can't strive for them...

I'm hoping to get some - say 20-30 kg of fresh oats (oats are being grown as high quality hay on the farm) which I will then attempt to make into stuff directly from the grain, like... rolled oats and oatmeal. If Scots peasants could do it, I should manage (says he, stupidly. They had experience, and most importantly TIME)


  1. Wonder if you can use sprouted oats in bread, like sprouted wheat...?