Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reporting in

It's been a while since I posted, and as usual a lot has happened, and very little. We've had another tremendous storm with swells of 2.8 meters forecast at our normal launching spot - which usually runs to about 30-40 centimeters if we're going to sea. This should stir the sea up quite badly for some time -tricky as we hope catch some crayfish soon at the opening of the season. Quite a lot of the dread junkmen seem down with the plague. Well, a bad flu/cold that seems to be sweeping the island. Anyway, we shall see what the weekend brings. The sun will hopefully bring more strawberries as the slugs are threatening us at slime point for what we have. The damp suits them. I am buying snail bait in industrial quantities and seriously thinking of going back to traps as well. Last time Wednesday kindly drank the beer in them. Labradors are a source of great joy as well shed fur, and strange flatulence. But they love you, anyway.

The lawn-mower is at the doctors and brush-cutting this acreage could kill me. We've had our first cabbage moths wrecking away :-(. Can't do brassica here in summer. We're eating artichokes and I am looking forward to the arrival of another piggy - because there's a lot of witer veg going to seed before we eat it. Besides, bacon.

I've finally overcome my conservative Scots blood enough to buy a bundle of netting to make up a seine net. It's often not very effective (at the legal length I can use - and pulling the BIG nets either takes a winch (of which I disapprove strongly - little fish don't get away.)) but is from an Ichthyologist's point of view fascinating. I also odered some big hooks for a longline. I did a lot of that as Fishereies scientist and it is a very hit and miss thing, but one good hit would stock the freezer. So lots of gear make-up to be done. I've also done a bit of further work towards the trailer. Doing things in the scraps of time and with as much scavenged material as possible is cheaper, but does take a lot of time and effort to get done!

Writing has moved on nicely - but I have to keep the pressure on.

Tootle-pip for now

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