Friday, November 1, 2013

Rust in pieces

What I've been doing in my ample spare time (ha ha) is to try to remove the rust from the trailer (not mine, the one under Norm's borrowed boat.) It's quite a task, but is a sign we're slowly gearing up towards the next diving season, hopefully with a bit of better weather. It's October and it has been out of the teens about twice.

We had bulb fennel sauteed in lots of butter, than covered with water and simmered for about 40 - basically until tender, and then topped with cheese and the juice of half a lemon at high heat for a bit. It was very rich but very tasty. Bit overwhelming for the fish I served it with. We also had strawberries stretched with cape gooseberries, and cream. This was a mistake as the cape gooseberries are much stronger in flavor.

Yesterday I did wallaby steaks with a leek, sherry and chive sauce -basically a white sauce, with softened leeks and some sherry and chopped fresh chives at the end, which was yummy - The leeks certainly added something - a touch of sweetness.

Otherwise, writing proceeds. The garden suffers.

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