Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sleepless on Flinders

Just thought I would mention that the strawberry take has increased from 4 to slightly more than we can eat in one sitting. I really need to get more area under berries. We also had snow peas which were 10 minutes from plant to table, so fresh they squeaked on your teeth. Spring - once it really gets going, is a sequence of foods we haven't seen for a year, and very spoiling it is too.

I have the netting, ropes, leads, net-cord and floats to make my beach seine. Now all I need is that extra me to do it...
Went to fetch the pieces for Barbs to have TV today. This will be a shock.

I've always been loud in defense of daylight savings -seeing as I am up with the light, it's always been an irritation to have people say 'but 5 AM is too early' Now instead they can say ' but 6 AM is too early.'(and I can push for 5, which would be 4 which ALWAYS gets flat refusal). It does have its disadvantage in the crepuscular/nocturnal occupations - night comes late, dusk right now is about 8 to quarter to 9 - So I don't go out shooting wallaby until eight, which by the time I have done all the gutting, skinning and cleaning up after , means it's very late - after 11 last night. And when it comes to full dark stuff - floundering, garfish scooping, and you add tide into it, it can be very sleepless.

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