Tuesday, March 11, 2014

jumping cats and such-like

We're in the middle of footrot treatment here, means quite a lot happening over at the shearing sheds, makes Wednesday (the labrador) very barky. What is it about cats? La Duchesse informs me loudly that she needs a carry from the bonnet of the car where she doth repose, to the front door - a distance of four feet, with 3 steps making elevation difference minimal. A little later I see her hunting mice over at the round bales, cheerfully jumping from bale-row to bale-row (more distance - and she's a lot higher.)

We had a Polish meal last night with our polish friends and their sister and brother in law... I really like these guys, enjoy the change of food, but i conclude the basic rule of translation gives me sore ears. Yes. if they might not understand your attempt at the language, say it louder. I'm a quite and fairly reclusive fellow, more at home with the sea or land than a crowd, and living out here, alone, makes me battle even more. We had the gallery launch for our friend Maria's paintings and I went... and retreated outside after 10 minutes. I am going to a Science Fiction Conference in New Zealand soon and while it's great to meet readers it's a real effort to deal with a lot of people. I have to retreat to solitude every couple of hours or go spare.

Drying tomatoes proceeds apace... Freezing sweetcorn needs to happen as does more carrot planting. I'm running my usual problem -trying to get winter/autumn plats in while the summer harvest is still filling the beds. But we do need more potatoes to get through winter.


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