Sunday, March 9, 2014

So long at the fair

I am sorry to be so long away at the fair. A combination of minor things - I hadn't heard from the Immigration people about my citizenship application interview/test, I was battling to finish a book that was doing Xeno's book on me. Barbs had her interview booked within a week, and when we called to query we were told that there was plenty of time and they'd get back to me...

Barbs went over for her interview and yes, got 100% in the test... she also got asked 'where is your husband? We have got his application a couple of days separate from yours and we scheduled them together.' Only Canberra (who do all the paperwork) only sent a letter to Barbara (trust me, we were in asking at the PO every day), and the call center given the reference number didn't bother to check.

Anyway, I go over in 8 days, being the next appointment available. Wish me luck. With any luck we will actually manage to have our ceremony together. (You do not become an Australian citizen until you have the ceremony, and Barbs is now waiting on me. We want to celebrate with out friends.)

Xeno's book - well I am going to tidy it up, because I have decided that actually I am as close to an end of this book as I can get. It is already 30% over length. I am contracted to write another - same universe. This is a point at which all the 'good' characters in this book are safe (for the first time), but the problem/villain has not been resolved/ defeated. At least she has been escaped and exposed, but to do a good job of defeating her without an anticlimax ending, is quite a wordy process, outside the scope of what I ought to invest. It will do as a break point, and I do not think will infuriate the readers too much. I actually like being nagged for the next book...

Both things were making me grumpy, depressed and were hard to deal with, and I tend to withdraw rather than be a whinger.
And now: forward.


  1. Got to love the bureaucratic efficiency! Congratulations on making it this far anyway

  2. Congratulations to Barbs, best of luck to you, and may it all go smoothly from here!

    What book are you working on next?