Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The exploding sweetcorn and other trivia

I'm freezing some of our sweetcorn crop - it hasn't been bad, but not inspiring (about a 4/10) but all has ripened at once despite staggered planting. As we're a if you don't grow it you don't got it (within reason, coffee and chocolate and some things that are cheap, cheaper to buy than grow and process - like rice, and flour at this stage)extending things with some frozen/dried/canned stuff if a big blessing in winter and spring. I put the cooked and cut off the cob first batch into a zip-loc and spread it out, froze it in a curved sheet (there is logic in this.) when frozen you put on a flat surface, give a smart tap and you have loose kernels... Or if for once the ziplock really seals, an explosion of frozen corn.

Potatoes have to come out, and I have about 25Kg, with a little more to come. Probably hit 30Kg. I am putting in more, which will depend on frost as to what if any I get. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. That will be about 55kg in all this year - not enough for a pig too, bit certainly a lot for us. The patch will grow a bit.

I hope to go to sea tomorrow... the kids (my younger son and daughter-in-law are coming) and while Alana is not a huge eater (just reasonable) James is one step removed from the plague of locusts. So is Paddy, the difference being Paddy is one step worse. Oh well, there will always be potatoes, wallaby, and fish.

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