Saturday, March 15, 2014

The fishing went quite reasonably, but not terribly productively (we got 17 flathead and 2 gummy + one I threw back because she was female and just size and we already had two, and I'm not that fond of gummy so 'productive' is relative) And managed for once an almost perfect launch and retrieval -As the sea was quite large - about 0.8 meter that was a good thing, indeed. It did make hauling the longline hard work - 2 sets of 2 lines is a lot of hauling a heavy boat into a pitching sea, and I did all of it. If I did more I'd get fitter and wouldn't whinge so much. Still, I was fairly exhausted when I collapsed into bed - too tired to shoot the wallaby we need. So last night I had another go -and the mist came down. I did see and shoot one, a small red - so 800 grams of dog tucker. That's not going to hold them long. I wonder how they feel about potatoes?

Writing proceedeth.


  1. My parents fed the dog ground meat (cooked) mixed with rice (also cooked). I bet your dogs would eat potatoes if they were mixed with the wallaby.

    1. They're largely Labrador (mum was pedigree to the nth generation, dad was a traveling salesman who could jump 6 foot walls.) so they'll eat ANYTHING. :-)