Friday, January 25, 2013


Well, this morning started as quite a nice day, but it rapidly degenerated into wind and rain flurries. The ground is very dry at the moment, but it is supposed to be Australia Day celebrations at Trousers point tomorrow. Australia day on the island is very special and all the kids and families come and have a lot of fun.

The cats have been letting us know we've been away. A day and we're bad staff to be treated with lofty disdain. 17 days and we're to be guarded like errant mice lurking under a dresser. We've cats on top of us all the time, despite them having had cat-sitting attention. Duchess decided to do the acrobatic leap last night from the sideboard to the dining room table. During our tea... A long jump with the potential of landing in a pot... so she put her crampons out into the table cloth... Which went ski-ing with her. Nothing landed on the floor, no full glasses were spilled, and the plates survived. So did the cat, bu only by keeping moving :-).

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