Sunday, January 27, 2013

We had dry lightning strikes last night which apparently started two fires that the local fireys saw to. We had about 6 mm of rain, which for the fury of the storm was rather little.

I had a very tame little dive today, trying to use an underwater camera, so I hope there will be some pictures. Unfortunately I had it switched off when I was harassing the leatherjacket (well, paparazzi harassment, having a camera thrust at the peaceful snoozer in a tuft of weed. And at the little weedy whiting trying to eat Helen's bait.) And at the stingray I did not harass in any way. My cold is receding rather than gone, so I was being very tame on water front. Barbs is coughing spluttering and not well.

Today was the maiden voyage of the good ship 'Did not bounce Helen about too much' - which is an odd name for a boat, but at least unique.

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