Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How not to get a trailer to the water

Don't back it over a sand-cliff, even a 2 foot high one. And if you must do this, for heavens sake don't bring the ute too close to the cliff.
We did not go over the edge, but we did basically collapse to diff height. We then had to get the ute out and it's front wheels were not strong enough to haul us up. Much effort was expended. Then when we'd stopped swearing we actually had to start digging. Getting another vehicle, hauling, putting wood under wheels, letting air out of tires... and eventually the ute was free. had we had a rough sea too, it would have been a right royal circus, instead of just a usual beach launch epic. I can see why people use slips. This, in theory meant we had a 10 minute run to good fishing, instead of 50 minutes to mediocre fishing. As it was good fishing was... non-existent. We traipsed about looking for flathead, and finding bluehead or nothing. And to celebrate Australia day, a Sergeant Baker - possibly one of the first fish caught by Sergeant William Baker - Governor Phillips Orderly.

We did eventually go to the mediocre - and catch 6 flathead, but a great day at sea it wasn't. And then we had to extract the trailer and boat...


  1. Boards, you use boards to make a plank pathway. Doesn't work for heavy boats but for a Zod...should work. Having an electric winch to haul it back up helps.

    1. Well, a winch would have helped. This was Jamie's boat, not mine, which is an aluminum inflatable (ARIB) - basically an aluminum skin over the pontoons. Good boat, but 4 times the weight of mine.