Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The proliferation of boats

It appears that the famous cowboy character two gun Charlie has now been eclipsed by two boat Peter (My friend Peter just bought a second boat) and Norman has just been given 'custody' of a nice Zodiac and a dive compressor while its owner is away. And Mark is over here with his boat. And the weather is lousy and my body is still somewhat battered from the cold/flu, but it seems that temptation is out and doing its best to lead me astray, even if I still need to find an outboard and some bits for the trailer for the Zoo (my elderly Zodiac). The dive compressor has a lot of potential for extending our underwater time too. We're coming into the season for prawns, and there are huge shoals of salmon about.

And I need to fit some writing in. Good thing I have been sick and the wind has blown.

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